Monday, 30 November 2020

Viscose Leaf Dress

As I am working from home again full time, I am trying to adapt my sewing to my new lifestyle and sew more things which I would wear immediately. Since we were nearing the year end I was trying to stop buying fabric and just sew what I had in stash.  I am still motivated to hit that -10m target. However, I came across this leaf fabric on the Stof&Stil website and even saw a dress they presented and I figured out I just had to have it. 

The only hick was the fabric content, as I had some very bad experience in the past with really slinky and plasticky viscose jerseys and therefore avoid buying it. But this fabric was way too beautiful, so I risked it. And I was really surprised when the fabric arrived and was rather soft, almost like a peachskin. At this moment I knew that the fabric would not remain long in my stash and that the dress was going to be sewn quick.

I used a mashup of Moneta dress and my turtleneck block and it worked really well. Now, that I am using my serger/coverlocker, this kind of projects are extremely quick, even too quick, I would say. The dress was ready in one evening. As I am lately sewing a lot of jersey dresses, I must admit that I am missing having a long project with some handsewing. It is planned, though, to sew a winter coat, so I will hopefully get to it quickly and will enjoy making it as well.

Back to the leaf dress, even though there is not much to say about it: it is stretchy, comfy, yet class. I love it! I just need a large black cardigan to wear with it.

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