Sunday, 6 December 2020

The Success of Procrastination or the Dark Green Dress

 I always like dresses from ponte, but find it quite difficult to buy some in not uni version. So when I came across this dark green flowery fabric, I just had to buy it. The only issue is that printed pontes are usually more poly than viscose and you can easily feel it, oh well.

I ordered the fabric last year in winter months so obviously, had no intention to sew it during summer. Then September came in and I tried to find again my sewjo by muslining 3 dresses at the same time and cutting out 2 of them right afterwards. This one was one of them. I chose Burda 102 from 12/2019 issue, a dress which was originally sewn from a woven but I figured that it would work from my stable knit. 

I am really happy that I batch cut out my projects because I would have probably hesitated still some more and this way, the fabric was prepared, I only had to assemble it. I even motivated myself to use and rethread my serger, therefore, the dress took exactly one after-work evening to sew. 

I tried some pattern matching and there are places where it really worked well, like in the front, so I am definitely proud of myself. The dress was very quick to assemble and since I muslined it, there was almost nothing to adjust during sewing (except the sleeves' and overall length). I still tried it on during the construction process and that is when I realized that I was going to really like the result.

Once the dress was finished I was really excited - the fit is really perfect, I can put it on without any closing and the colour is great on me. So a great WIN, in the end.

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