Sunday, 27 December 2020

X-mas gifts sewing, 1st batch

And so comes some X-mas sewing - as usual mostly little boys collection :)

I was really wondering what else do little guys wear in winter, as apart from trousers, t-shirts and sweaters, I really do have difficulties finding something original to sew for them, so I try to at least

- sew outfits

- sew from funny or unexpected fabrics

Are you ready? Here comes the small version (2 year-old):

His mom was sending me hints on the last linen trousers I sewed for him, as she really loves them and as they seem extremely comfy, unfortunately, my linen remnant (which was reserved for this guy for some time) was not big enough. Also, at two years, it is quite difficult to find patterns for real trousers, as the size falls right in between baby sizes (and mostly leggings) and kids sizes (too big). 

In the end, I managed to match two patterns and improvised linen trousers with elastic in the waist and, of course, big pockets. The linen was already used for a summer dress for me, a dress and a handbag for one little girl and now, I can officially confirm, I do not have any more.

For the t-shirt, I used last year Ottobre Kids issue (10-03/2019). I own exactly two issues but I use them for maybe 90% of all my kids sewing. They have funny, diverse patterns, they have an equal amount for boys and girls (!!!) and more importantly, their patterns cover really large size ranges, contrary to Burda which is often limited to one age group (and usually not the one I need).

As for the sweater, it comes from Ottobre 08-04/2020, I told you... Both fabrics were purchased with some kids sewing in mind and I am really happy that they works so well together.

For his almost 4-year-old brother, the outfit is rather similar.

The trousers from LMV, already sewn this summer.  This time from a sturdier gabardine, the one I used for my BFs bermuda (yet to be blogged). 

Both, the t-shirt and sweater pattern come from the last Ottobre, I just did not have enough fabric for the hood, so the sweater is finished with some simple rib.

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