Sunday, 8 November 2020

Outfit Sewing - Summer Edition

This will be a very quick post, as I have already talked about the skirt in my previous post. The fact is that the skirt is not lined and was meant to be worn and was worn in summer (the fact that it also works in autumn is a very nice coincidence), and so I needed something to go with it. 

As I have sewn the Nettie body about two years ago and loved it (it is actually really great for winter period and I am really happy that it is again in fashion), I figured out that I could use a remnant of a black jersey cotton to sew a summer edition.

The pattern is still the same, I just shorten the sleeves

And while we are at it, I also sewed a perfect copy of my black Nettie dress because the old one is starting to show some signs of fatigue, obviously, it is worn on a regular basis and I totally love the style.

This time, most of the work was done on the serger, the hems are coverlocked, only the neckline was sewn on my machine.

Now that I figured out how my super serger works, I am so happy to just be serging everything :o)

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