Sunday, 14 March 2021

Liberty Cuteness

I do not think I have ever bought and sewn Liberty fabric, but I am afraid that I will try that again, because this was pure joy. First, I must admit that I was never particularly drawn to Liberty, as a lot of their designs are in fine, pink and blue colours, i.e. not my style. Also, I try not to wear a lot of little flower designs.

However, when I saw this one, all alarms started beeping: ochre, green, red and black, ALL YOUR COLOURS, please buy me!!! and have a look, from faraway it does not even look like flowers. Well, I was weak and ordered it. When the fabric arrived, it was even better in real life than in the pictures and also, the fabric is so fine and soft. Well, it did not stay in my stash for long.

Of course, I had to find the right pattern, but I figured out that when buying Liberty, I should go for the classics, and sew a little cute dress. I was hesitating a little on whether I really want to have an all flower dress, but then, we are in the middle of the pandemics, I will mostly wear this at home or on vacation, so let's go for it.

I used Burda 108-11/2020, with a few modifications: I did not want to have the buttons on the skirt, so I added a side zip and I certainly did not want the sleeve ruffles :) I cannot have both, little flowers AND ruffles, let's be reasonable here. I was also hesitating on putting in some skirt lining, but in the end, I decided against it, fearing it would add too much of the volume.

The fabric was just magic to sew, I seem to always say that when sewing with simple cottons, as it is just sooo easy compared to jerseys, silk or basically anything else. This does not mean I want to only sew cottons, but it is great to make such a nice project from time to time.

The nacre buttons are from my enormous button stash, so a great win for no additional spend.

Verdict: I love the dress. It has just the right amount of cuteness and romanticism, but it still works with dark shoes. I am pretty sure I will wear it in summer with sneakers, but it was way too cold when we took these pictures.

Now, where can I find some more cute Liberty...

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