Saturday, 19 November 2016

Autumn Dress

It is when you just thought that 2016 year will be without any wedding and your sewing skills can concentrate on daily wear, or even pyjamas, when you are announced that your are supposed to attend a wedding in 4 months.
And mid-November, in addition to that: when it can be quite nice and sunny, but also freezing, it is just a matter of one week and the temperatures fall down by 10 degrees and you never see the sun again. Add to this the fact that I do not have any universal (aka black) coat, that you are not supposed to wear black at a wedding and that you need to buy a new hat for your outfit.

The original plan to buy a hat and sew the dress to go with it was quickly forgotten, as in September all shops still offered summer hats and I was getting pretty short of time. On the other hand I had quite an idea on the dress I wanted to wear: a silk one with larger skirt and long sleeves. Then I found a perfect fabric in my stash: this autumny silk I bought last year in Malaysia and which seemed just perfect for my plan.

Burda 2016 seems to be a really good year, as I bought a few numbers and have sewn already a few garments from them, being it even more than one piece from certain magazines which is great as I am really getting my money worth.
This one is model 121 from April 2016: I liked the little detail on the dress even though the scarce Burda instructions gave me a little headache. When I finally understood the construction process I was really happy, because I consider it quite clever.

Obviously, I cut the skirt straight, as I am no fan of this low-high hems, I think it goes well with tall gals, but not myself. Also I put some elastic at the end of the sleeves.

The bodice is fully self-lined, as for the skirt lining, I did not have enough fabric. After sitting in a car, the skirt tent to stick to my tights, but the rest of the time it was OK so I will just keep it like that.

I was surprised by the fact that the front bodice does not have any darts and was hoping that the keyhole opening would adjust the form, but not so much and according to the instructions you are supposed to crimp the bodice to fit to the skirt. Strange... as it does not look like that on the model in the magazine, nor on the technical drawing. So I cheated little bit, narrowed the bodice and did more of a few pleats than real crimping. I think the finish is cleaner like that, even though on my fabric you would probably not see much difference.
Oh yeah, and no pattern matching, the fabric was crazy enough and as I said, I did not have much of it. In the end, nothing shocking :o) - this is a view of the back bodice/waistband/skirt:

So one last picture from the big occasion and with the hat!

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