Saturday, 5 November 2016

October Sewcation

I have dreamed of a small sewcation since some time now and last week I finally had the chance to have one. It was only a long four-day week-end and we spent one day out, but the rest of the time was happily dedicated to sewing.
I had prepared my sewcation in advance: did all muslining and cutting work in advance. On Friday evening I had 3 projects prepared, on Tuesday evening two of them were done. The third one did not take much time afterwards.

So here is one of them: miniskirt finished on Tuesday evening only to be worn immediately on Wednesday. And again on Thursday. I had to reopen my wardrobe on Friday morning cause I was really tempted to put it on again.

It is based on the leather skirt pattern from Burda 11/2016. I must admit that this Burda issue is a great success, I have 2 more patterns chosen to be sewn from it.

For my version I used very small rests, almost scraps :o) : remnant of black wooland a piece of a sewn-in interfacing, I have always troubles really using.

And a remnant of this black/orange silk for lining, for some more fun inside.

I had to be really careful with the interfacing so as not to create any disbalances, but I can say this was a real success, with a LOT of pinning and systematic ironing.
Also, I moved the invisible zip on the left side and omitted the back seam.

This time I did not keep the lining free, as I was afraid it might move and I was not sure how to fix it on the front split, so I ended up fixing it on the skirt directly which for the miniskirt is probably the best idea in the end.

After two days of wearing it I must say it is very comfy, I was afraid it would be too short or revealing too much, but the fit is just OK and the skirt is not moving, going up or else.

So thumbs up for using scraps, as well as for having a great wardrobe staple.

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