Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Still in the Mid-Season Mood

We are still having a very pleasant Indian summer which will unfortunately end quite soon. It lasted till end of October which I consider really great. Great because when I did sew this dress in September, it was supposed to be worn just during this season. It did not because I somehow forgot I made it... please do not ask....

But the dress is made from wool suiting and fully lined with silk, so there is a high chance I will be able to wear it in winter as well.

The dress is highly inspired by this Burda Plus model

I find the Burda Plus pattern much closer to my usual style, I think they concentrate much more on working-girl style with a lot of interesting details and feminine silhouettes than the normal Burda collection.
However, I am faaaaar from their Plus sizing. When I started sewing 3 years ago, I tried to buy a Plus pattern and adjust it to my 34-36 petite size. After 3 muslins and a very unfortunate end result, I threw everything away and vowed not to save on patterns anymore (and buy a similar Vogue instead of a Plus Burda). But I still look at their patterns, as they might be a nice source of inspiration.

For this dress I used a TNT pattern based on and RTW dress which I already sewed twice: here and here. This time, I shortened the sleeves and added an opening on the front. I also closed up the back little bit which caused a few fitting issues with the sleeves. Hopefully, the final result is OK.

Originally, I intended to decorate the waist band with some black lace, but since this is more of a daily-wear dress, I decided to keep it like that.

I am quite happy with my seam matching, as well as the invisible zip, but these are becoming a standard and no more a big challenge. Even though I had to redo it during the process.

Knowing my pattern by heart now, it was a quick make to get my sewjo up and running after the vacation break and it worked pretty well.

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