Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Non-Selfish Sewing - GBSB Dress II.

For the first time I did sew something for somebody else. When I created my GBSB dress, the first comment from my little sister was that this was not a dress for me, but for her. She had some ideas behind that reflexion, but actually she was right. I was ruminating too much about this dress and the truth is it was perfectly her style.

X-mas getting close, I decided to sew a copy of this dress for her as well, I still had some of the wool crepe, as well as the underlining cotton-silk.

My sister lives some 1000km far away, and I was not going to meet her before x-mas, so not fitting possibility. We are of a same height, but she is thinner than me, so I just figured out that if I take in 1-2 cm, the fit should be OK. Anyway, the dress is supposed to be large.

I was paying more attention to making sure the pocket opening is not too large and the dress hem is not too narrow - two little things I can see on my version.

Honestly, I do not know if she is wearing it but I would say the fit is pretty much OK here :o)

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