Saturday, 29 April 2017

International Dress

This was supposed to be a surprise b-day present for my sister, so I was worried about whether she would like the style, the fabric and the colours.
I was pretty clear on the pattern to use (Burda 115-04/2016), it is not particularly fitted, I have already sewn it as a top, so just a few slight adjustments would be needed and the dress would be OK.

The fabric is a real batik bought two years ago in Indonesia and therefore, it was a nightmare to match :o) In addition to the flower pattern, there were big eagles every 30cm or so.

So I decided to cut the front and back in two pieces and avoid the eagles which somehow did not go well with the rest of the fabric. But a sewing line in the middle of the dress meant pattern matching. Pattern matching supposes you have a regular fabric, and I had everything but...

You can see that on the detailed photos: sometimes the regular flower intervals become ... just less regular. I did my best, but on a close view, the matching is not always perfect. For the record: the sewing line runs horizontally in the middle of the photo, but you can also see the fabric irregularity on the horizontal line.
There were two lines on the fabric where the flowers were much closer to each other than on the rest.

I also wanted to add pockets and as you can see, pattern matching on the sides was out of my possibilities - somewhere it worked, somewhere it worked less.
And open

The pockets and the back neckline are stabilised with vliseline, and I did not bother to hem the dress, as I cut it on the fabric selvage.

Overall, the result is not so bad.
And the fit seems fine.

So here we have a dress made from Indonesian fabric, made in France, travelled to Czech Republic, on order to be worn in Berlin

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