Saturday, 6 May 2017

Me Made May 2017

Which I am not participating in this year and here are a few reasons why:
- I already wear a lot of me-mades mainly because they represent a big part of my wardrobe (even bigger when it comes to dresses, skirts and tops), so making sure I wear me-mades every year is not a challenge
- I often get tired of thinking I need to take a picture of myself every day
- as every May I will be travelling little bit which makes taking pictures every day more complicated

Also I am currently on a good sewing wave so I do not want to break my rhytm:
I am sewing almost constantly since February
I managed to use up a lot of small pieces of fabric in April sewing mostly little tops (more on that later) and I am really happy about that.
I managed to use up a few pieces of fabric I did not have much ideas on what to do with it and the result has more than surprised me every time.
For your illustration, here is the evolution of my fabric stock, I am only 1.3m from the stock level of April 2015 for a total of 114m. If all goes well, I might even get under 100m this year!

I still have a few ideas for the scraps, including a quilt blanket, so hopefully this good vibewill continue.
Also, on my sewing queue:
Burda panel dress

Kay Unger summer dress

Some basics like this one
I might need to get to sewing some shorts because GAP just stopped selling basics for petites.

And then whatever I might come across between now and summer...

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