Sunday, 7 May 2017


This spring I manage to sew a lot, and did not have much time to go fabric shopping. So most of my sewing actually happened based on my stash which not only got me on 2015 levels (yay!!!) but, and I think I am even prouder of that, I managed to use some remnants from previous projects.
I am not done yet, and main scrap-busting projects are still to come, but I am really happy when I see the little pieces gone from my stash.

Most of these were rather simple projects, based on TNT patterns, so I will not bother you much, just show a few pictures.

Yellow top: pattern  based on the Anna dress By Hand London, yellow cotton-silk in double layers

Green top: Burda 116-04/2016, green linen mix, underlined with black cotton-silk

Black top: Burda 115-07/2015, black silk

However, I went also little bit out of my comfort zone by sewing Burda 110-05/2017 bound top.

When I saw this top in the magazine, I thought it does not make much sense. I have read a review on one of my favorite blogs where it was rather criticized. At least, it made me thinking. Then I saw this kind of tops on the fashion shows (a sign, that this is not some Burda craziness, but actually a trend, hahahahha). So I just figured I would give it a try and I definitely do not regret.

The violet cotton was great for sewing, it has just the right amount of crispness to show off the features of this top. I have a ambiguous relationship with violet, though. I like the idea of violet with my hair colour, I like it on myself, but I do not tend to reach for violet clothes often, so hopefully this top will help to change my mind because I just love it!
First, the top is sewn very quickly, I only made minor adjustments in the shoulder area (a must for Burda for me) ad shortened it. On the waist, any adjustments are done with the binding. The top is a fabric hog, though, as I needed almost the whole meter I had, quite a lot for a top for me.
But most importantly, I really like it in real life. It looks muuuuuch better than in the magazine. I just need to sew some white shorts or trousers to complete the outfit.

Were it not such a atypical top, I would try to sew another one! Frankly, a great win for me here!

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  1. Je refais un petit essai, comme ça tu sauras que ça fonctionne!
    j'ai suivi tes conseils et cousu les pans de ce top: c'est effectivement bien mieux!
    A bientôt!