Sunday, 14 May 2017

I Made a Jacket!

Or a blazer ... whatever... it is tailored, lined and fits!
While I am very confident in sewing and fitting dresses, the jacket/coat thing has always been a little mystery for me. I had tried sewing a spring coat 2 years ago but without much success, the whole thing ended up being thrown away. So this time I decided to do things right. I was offered 3 sewing courses by my dear BF which did not have a specific topic. You just came with your project and asked as many questions as necessary. Of course, all this meant I had to be sewing in between the courses to bring my jacket-work-in-progress at the right time: fitting the muslin, inserting sleeves, inserting the lining. I was under pressure and sewed till the late hours several times but it was definitely worth it.

So here it is: my very first jacket, from Burda 103-04/2014, a model with detailed instructions in the magazine. I used some cotton-linen, as this should be a summer light jacket, lined with black silk. The fashion fabric behaved very well, I also interfaced the whole front which helps avoid some linen-creasing. The lining is probably too light so was not so easy to sew. However, once in, there is nothing to say.

In general I am very happy with the jacket: maybe the fit around the shoulders could have been a little tighter, but on the other hand it feels really comfortable like that.

A few details:

So what did I learn during my lessons: I need to be more precise when sewing this kind of things and pay attention to the markings - one of the teachers kindly requested I resew my sleeve and she was totally right.
Jacket is no longer an issue, I am actually planning to sew another one, on my own now :o)


  1. Quelle chance d'avoir pu profiter de ces cours offerts pour coudre une si jolie veste! Les finitions sont très soignées, et ce blazer est une pièce maîtresse dans une garde-robe!

  2. Wowsers! Your jacket looks amazing, well done! Good luck with the next one!