Sunday, 20 January 2019

2019 Sewing Plan

I am all about resolutions every year, I kind of like the challenge, but I am still not fan of the internet challenges. It somehow does not work for me.
Let's be clear, I always have a to-sew list, even sorted by seasons, but that does not mean I would sew these items as a priority. I totally love seeing bloggers fulfilling their SewNine challenge, but cannot imagine setting it for myself. I like planning no more than 1-2 projects in advance and quite often, the inspiration comes from things I see in the real life, or on the internet and then I just throw my plans in the air and sew what I liked.

"Planning is everything, the plan is nothing" is probably a good description of my sewing plans.
So I will not set myself any specific challenge, as I will not participate in Me-Made-May (I already wear me-mades almost every day) even though I like the idea of participating, however, I have a few 2019 resolutions:

Decrease my stash to 90m - which means a 10% decrease (99,8m was my startig point) which is totally doable if I use the same strategy as last year, aka do not buy fabric without a plan and restrain myself during sales period.

Sew another coat and another jacket. The dress code in my new job is slightly higher and I have a fabric bought specifically for a nice jacket.
As for the coat, I have fallen in love with this "different trench" - great example of my Burda special relationship. I have the number where the pattern appeared but only when I saw these exquisite version, I realized that I could sew it in a short version and it would be THE not-so-harsh-trench I have been looking for for years.

I am still thinking whether I want to do it with black gabardine I already have in stash  which seems rather heavy or whether I prefer buying some more suitable fabric specifically for this project.

Other makes which might finally get done include:
  • Closet Case Sallie Jumpsuit (in simple black crepe)
  • A black dress from some silk crepe (too luxurious to touch, so something needs to be done with it)
  • Grey striped dress from Burda - already muslined
  • Grey striped dress from Burda - I even have an almost the same fabric in the stash (and a jacket to go with it)

It might also be wise to find a few projects for using up scraps and little fabric remnants. I actually have 13m of fabric in pieces under one meter which means that they need to be combined together or used for some little projects. (I can sew up a summer dress from 0.8m if the pattern is simple and no pattern matching is required).

And that's basically it; I know I will continue buying some fabric, I just need to keep the numbers in check and hopefully, I will also learn some new techniques on the way ;o)

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