Sunday, 27 January 2019

Little Black Skirt

You know the moment when you have a perfect sewing plan, you choose the next three projects to be sewn, trace them out (yes, all Burda), sew two muslins, start sewing one of the projects and then, read some blogs on your commute and suddenly, you just have to sew a little black skirt.

Actually, I saw this blog post and liked the silhouette, even though the post was more about the sweater and not the skirt. The skirt is a Zephyr from Deer&Doe, but honestly, does not look so complicated so as to justify buying the pattern. I figured out that a semi-circle one would work fine for me.
Also, I just had a remnant of half a meter of black wool crepe which is drapey enough for this skirt to work (yay for using up the little remnants). I cut out a semi-circle with about 40cm of length, well, the maximum I managed from my little piece of fabric and hoped it would be enough. Since the crepe is somehow not 100% opaque, and tends to stick to my tights, I lined the skirt as well and it actually changes everything.

I do not think there is anything special to mention about the skirt, it is really a simple semi-circle one with a straight waistband. I interfaced the waistband with some iron-on interfacing and a piece of very stiff cotton because the crepe would be moving too much and not hold the shape at all. There is an invisible zipper on the side and that's it.

I finished the skirt rather quickly, left it hanging for almost a week and I was right; both the crepe and the lining moved a lot, so I then leveled out the hem and used some lining bias to finish the hem (it is little bit stiffer as well).

I know this is no sewing challenge, but I now have a cute little skirt for the week-end days when I just want a different silhouette from my usual shiftdress/pencil skirt.

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