Sunday, 6 January 2019

Some More X-mas Gifts

And just because I can (and had some fabric remnants), I sewed some more x-mas gifts for my sister.

There is probably nothing new under the sun in these makes, but I like to document all my makes here, so there we go.

First, there are long trousers for the hippo pyjama because:
- I still had some of the fabric ad it would be real pity to use it only for muslins
- it can be quite cold in a place where my sister lives

Now I can say there are no more hippos left, I even had to cheat little bit and use black cotton remnants on some interior pieces.

My ignorance of pattern matching on this make resulted in a really strange creature, though...

Then there was a piece of this blue poly fabric. I totally hated even touching it, it really has this plastic feel (I might be exaggerating little bit), but my sister loved it from the beginning and I must say it has a nice bounce back) Therefore, there was no way I would keep that in my stash.

I sewed a simple skirt, just added little bit of volume on the lower hem. It gives the skirt a nice silhouette and it is easier to dance in it.

The last make was a jersey dress made from the same pattern as this blue one. I just happened to order this red jersey which was not the right colour for me but nice for my sister, so there we go, whipped up in no time, since I now know it quite well.
The only mistake I made is omitting the back slit which apparently exists on the blue dress, even though I cannot see it in the pictures :o)

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