Sunday, 29 September 2019

Surprise Casual Jacket

I truly still do not know why I am not sewing jackets more often because honestly, it does not take much more time than a lined dress.

Like this one - whipped in just a few days. Ok, so it is no tailored jacket but it was not the aim either. Actually, I never planned this kind of jacket, it just came in a thought of a moment.

It all started with the fabric: I did not buy this fabric, it has been passed to me by my mum. Truth to be said, my mum used to sew when I was a kid, but stopped years ago. However, she still kept buying fabrics and having some of her clothes sewn. When she moved to a new place a year ago, she found a few fabrics never used and gave them to me. There were only 4 coupons and mostly in colours totally not suitable for me, but I kept them for muslins (or maybe for a surprise x-mas present for my mum...).

But then, I saw this black fabric with little turquoise freckles, put it on myself and and thought that it could actually work for a little casual jacket/cardigan. And once the idea was in my head, I was sure I had to sew it - I had nothing to lose, the fabric was free.

I used a pattern from and old Simplicity magazine which I have always liked but never got sewn.

The fabric was free but not the easiest to work with. It is of unknown origin (probably some poly) and rather transparent, so I had to stabilize it: I used some black fusible interfacing on all the pieces and in addition interfaced it with some black cotton-silk on the body. The fabric remained fluid, but got stiffer and was much easier to sew with.
The jacket is fully lined, so I could use up some remnants of black silk lining (the sleeves are actually from a different fabric, but that is ok).

I traced size 36 as I do not know Simplicity magazine sizing. The muslin looked ok, even though I could maybe take away a few cm around the armscye. The sewing went without any major problems and I think the result is quite nice. I was surprised I did not have many issues with the shoulders/sleeves, as the sleeves are one-piece only.

Of course, I prefer the jacket casually open.

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