Saturday, 12 October 2019

La Maison Victor - Again

I have this strange relationship with LaMasionVictor patterns. I have sewn a few of them, always with a big success. However, anytime I buy their magazine, I feel like cheating on Burda and like I am a sewing beginner. The patterns are always rather easy and simple, so in terms of sewing challenge, I do not feel like getting enough of it, but the result is always great, so I somehow continue to sewing some LMV patterns.
In addition, the magazine contains way less patterns than Burda and way too many instructions.

The morality: I continue sewing from La Maison Victor and enjoying my makes. Case in point: The dress Silia from the last issue.

When I saw the magazine on the newstands, I really liked this pattern. It is a jersey dress, but larger than usual and with an interesting twist. Also, I had just found a cute black cotton jersey with little white triangles which was rather similar to the one in the magazine. So it was meant to be.

The twist was kind of a puzzle, I do not think I have understood the way how it is really constructed, but I followed the instructions and it all ended up just right: not many adjustments done, apart from my usual "petite" shortening of the bodice (to make sure my twist ended up on the right place) and narrowing the shoulders.

The dress has become one of my favourites for the season: it is a real secret pyjama, extremly comfy, but still looking professional enough.

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