Sunday, 12 January 2020

Next Decade Sewing?

Ok, I should be more realistic here, but I like having new year's resolution and trying to stick up to them, so sewing cannot be an exception and here are my sewing related ones:

1. Stash reduction
As already mentioned, I would like to decrease my stash by 10m (and get to 80m at the end of 2020).

2. New sewing skills
So far, I have been sewing all my jersey items on the standard sewing machine. I think it is high time I bought my first serger/coverlock. I have already done some research, I just have to find the right shop and go for it.
Also, I really need to get my current machine serviced, as I do not like its noise right now.

Linked to this is my resolution to start sewing my sports clothes. I do quite a lot of sports (I run 3-4 times a week + some bike riding and a weekly squash session with my BF) and find it more and more difficult to find the sports clothes in the right size (Nike did some serious vanity sizing a few years ago, so no longer really fit now). I bought a few meters of sports fabric and 4 patterns back in November so I have to get to sewing them now.

3. Follow the wishlist
I would like to stick to my "to sew" list in general even though I do not plan much for my sewing. I do not do any "Sew 9"  challenges, but I have a "to-sew" wishlist which I try to follow, at least sometimes.
What is in there right now:
  • Black winter coat (Burda)
  • Black mid-season coat (Burda)
  • Pair of jeans (Closet case)
  • Black jumpsuit (McCall's)
Not to mention that I have all patterns and fabrics already bought for these.
All other items will be added afterwards, so no pressure here.

4. Burda challenge
I was offered Burda subscription this year, so I guess I will try to follow the Burda challenge and sew at least one pattern from each issue.

I also hope to sew some kid's clothes because these are primarily fun and a great way to use up the scraps. And the parents usually like them, so unless somebody asks me to stop, I will definitely continue.

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