Friday, 3 January 2020

2019 review - Top five misses

I am not sure that there were really a lot of negative things in my 2019 sewing. Honestly, I feel my skills are getting better, I pay more attention to fabric/pattern combination, I manage to adjust the sizes (mostly on Burda), so the real misses are becoming rare.

But I tried to pick the top 5 anyhow, just to highlight my lessons learned.

N°1: Violet structured dress - as much as I liked sewing it and as much as I like the pattern puzzle and as much as I love the fabric (viscose-linen blend in this gorgeous violet), I did not wear this dress at all. Well, I also sewed it rather late in summer, so I had less opportunity. I think it is not fitted enough and somehow does not do me much favour. But looking at the pictures, it is not so horrible. 

N°2 and N°3: jersey dresses sewn from uni cotton jersey, not blogged yet. Clearly, not a great combination, as both dresses are way too figure hugging and the fabric is way too thin (you can even see my ribs in them, so no good). Lesson learned here: do not buy uni cotton jersey, as the results are not great.

N°4: white paisley dress. This is clearly a fabric issue. I was so in love with this fabric when I bought it 5 years ago, that I had to sew something from it. But looking at the pictures, I definitely need a dark jacket with it to break up the pastiness. Worn once probably. It is a pity because I am really proud of my pattern matching here.

N°5: Black "Kate" coat - I think I seriously overfitted this coat, which in combination with a slightly stretchy cotton, makes for a few pull lines which bother me every day. They are less visible on the black fabric, so I still keep wearing this coat, but I already have a pattern/fabric combo chosen for its replacement.

It was rather difficult to find the real misses this year, as I wore successfully most of my makes.

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