Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 review - Top Five Hits

As it is the tradition (and as almost everybody in the blogosphere), here is my 2019 review.

In terms of sewing, it was a great year. Strangely, I now have a longer commute and also work longer hours, but I still managed to sew quite a lot. I sewed a big total of 56 items (kid's clothes and a cat box included). There was an interesting mix of jersey and non-jersey items, which means more or less difficult items.

As for the patterns, I sewed a lot of Burda (28 pieces), as usual, but also some La Maison Victor (8 pieces). I was offered the subscription of Knipmode/FashionStyle for the whole year, but only sewed 1 pattern from it. However, I stikk like a few patterns, so hopefully, will get something more sewn. There are also 7 pieces from Ottobre which is mostly due to the kid's sewing and most of them come from only kid's issue.

Of course, I kept buying a lot of fabric, but I also used up a lot. My aim was to decrease the stash from 100m to 90m and I am happy to announce that I almost managed that  arriving at 90,15m on 31st December and I am not going to cheat by cutting up a new project just today :). I sewed up over 74m and bought 65.
I will probably keep the same aim for next year because it is doable without feeling restricted and I know that a long term stash goal should be something between 60-70 m.

Also, I was quite proud to use up long term stash residents - the two flowery fabrics for Carolyn pyjamas, some little remnants for the kid's clothes, tops or winter shorts. It is still important for me to use up the little pieces, but with a little effort, I can continue.

As for the top five hits, I must say it is really difficult to choose, because obviously I must have sewn quite successful pieces:
N°1: LMV Bella Dress (both, my black and red version)

N°2: the Green Coat - this is a piece I really did not need at all, but I loved the fabric and I love the coat

N°3: the Bouclé jacket - even though I did not wear this jacket much, I love the result, the way how it is sewn and the fit

N°4: Turtleneck dresses (not yet blogged) - such a basic, but so useful. I finally managed the fit around the neck and the shoulders, so yay.

N°5: Black/White Silia dress - La Maison Victor again :) It has just the right proportions and honestly, I reach out for it quite often.

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