Friday, 6 December 2019

The Test Dress

It is funny how sometimes when you are not interested in a fabric, you end up sewing something cool from it. This is a very good example. It is one of the few fabrics I got from the rest of my mum's stock. From the feel of this fabric, I would say it is some kind of viscose jersey, in colours totally not suitable for me. However, since it was not a fabric I was in love, I figured I could try to sew a test dress.

And I got a quite cute dress; so I am probably regretting I did not use a nicer fabric :) Oh well.

The pattern comes from Burda August 2017 and it is basically a simple wrap dress with a few pleats in the front. And I am sorry to say that but this is probably the BEST wrap dress I have ever sewn. It might be because the fabric is of just the right weight and it drapes beautifully. The pleats add to the wrap silhouette and the front V is just enough. I stabilized the bias heavily with laminette and it actually worked magic. There is no gaping, not a single centimeter too large, it is just perfect.

It has been two months since I have finished the dress, but I still remember that I did not have enough fabric for the waistband. I used really the last remnants, so I probably lace the dress on the opposite side, but it actually works rather well.

Because of the wild and way too rosey colours of the fabric, I only wear this dress at home, but I like it very much and hope to find the right fabric for a similar version for everyday use.

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