Sunday, 29 December 2019

Carolyn Pyjama - Second Version

Just because I can, I also sewed a second version of the Carolyn pyjama. (Actually, this was the first one, if we really talk chronological order.)

And as for my white version, I was able to use up a cute fabric from my stash for which I had no other idea. It is a yellow/red paisley cotton satin, bought years ago in Malaysia, incredibly soft and little bit shiny. Such a lovely fabric, but not very suitable for me in terms of colours.

So when the idea of sewing Carolyn pyjama hit me, I was really happy. I just forgot how this pattern is a fabric hog and I found out I did not have enough of this magic to sew long trousers, so I just winged it and sewed what I could. I still managed to squeeze a long-sleeve shirt and shorts.

The pattern is perfect, it fits me well, and in terms of piping there was much less hesitation. The red piping works really great.
Again, I used some buttons from stash which fit great with the fabric.

I must say that sewing the Carolyn pyjama is the right pleasure, the instructions are clear, I can now sew thew without the instructions on the side, the piping fits in greatly, and is just cute. Also, sewing with coton feels like heaven compared to most of my last sewing projects.

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