Sunday, 15 December 2019

Baby X-mas Sewing 2019 - The Little Guy

Let's get to the little guy:
The little one is just one year old, so I could really use up many scraps, because it is easy to fit in the pattern pieces.
Especially, I had a 30cm remnant of this gorgeous Stof and Stil orange cotton jersey I was keeping for such a project.

I used a T-shirt pattern from Ottobre 03/2019, just extended the sleeves to make them long, since we are in winter and user a piece of velcro for the closing. The funny thing with this jersey is that it really works with many patterns and I think it ca work even for a little guy.

Next are the trousers - the pattern is Raf trousers from La Maison Victor 11/2019.  the fabric is the now famous lila ponte. Actually, I had bought 2m of it and already sewn a dress for myself, a skirt and a top for my sister, a body for the little guy in summer and now these trousers.

And I can now confirm, I do not have anything left. The pattern is rather fun, shirred in the back and top-stitched everywhere. It was not always very easy on the ponte, but hopefully, it looks ok.

To top it up, as for his big brother, the little guy also has a ponte bomber. I think the sweat/bomber is really my favourite piece: there are so many great details, starting with the cuffs and ending with the little hood. Also, cute little pockets which will probably never be used!

The pattern is from Ottobre 03/2019 and is reaaaally great. It also has a girly version with frills (which I sewed as well, but can only appear on the blog after x-mas).

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