Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Little Lady Clothes - Post-X-mas II.

And to round up the whole batch of kid's clothes I sewed between end of December and January, here is the last batch.

This time, I went back to the TNT Burda 9330 which I have already sewn in trousers, as well as dress versions, just in smaller sizes. I used a remnant of a dark blue linen which makes the dress look like jeans, but hopefully will be more comfy for the little lady. For lining, I found a remnant blue/white cotton.

The dress is very simple to sew but the result is just awesome. The lining enables for a great finish, you have a large pocket and no exceptional fitting is required.
I even found two buttons in my stash, just of a perfect colour and size. Yay for button stash busting (I received my grandma and my mum button stash last year, so even though it does not take up much space, I now have A LOT OF BUTTONS.

I really like sewing for kids in terms of outfits - as I do not always know what the wardrobe of the kids looks like, I prefer sewing matching pieces. And so I did this time, as well.

I had a little remnant of this blue/brown/gold viscose. While it is a viscose, it looks like sweater, so I made it a little cardigan to go with the blue dress. I even found just the perfect brass press buttons (bought together with some jeans rivets last year).

And to top it up, I saw an extremely cute pattern for a kids handbag in a form of a little bear. So, there we go, some appliqués, some embroidery later, we have a bear lined handbag.

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