Saturday, 22 February 2020

Turtleneck Dress

I love turtlenecks, in any form. Honestly, it keeps me warm and is class. I just realized I do not owna any single turtleneck dress, so this had to be corrected.

I played with two patterns for jersey dresses, crossed together and created my perfect turtleneck dress pattern. The sewing was quick and simple afterwards.

The first version is from black ponte. I left the dress little bit larger than my other ponte dresses and it is just such a great secret pyjama. It is basic, so goes with EVERYTHING.

Inspired by the first success, I ordered grey wool interlock (I had already bought the same fabric in green) to create a winter grey version.

No idea what happened here, but using the same pattern, the dress came out much more hip-hugging than the black one. It still works on me and the fabric is half wool, so it is really cozy to wear.
I also extended the turtleneck little bit, because more is always better :)

So here it is, I do not know what to say more about this dress because there is really not something very special about it. But it makes for such a great basics and I love wearing both of them.

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