Sunday, 29 March 2020

Merino Wonders

OK, so I admit that merino jersey is no news, but it was my first time sewing with it and to be honest, I just want to start sewing ONLY with merino as of now.
It all started just before last x-mas, we booked a holiday in Iceland (planned and happened before all the craziness of the covid pandemics) and I started wondering if my wardrobe contained enough warm clothes to survive an Iceland winter holidays. I quickly figured that it was the right moment to offer myself some luxury of wearing merino jersey.

I spent at least two weeks looking for the right vendor, because even in winter, merino is almost never sold in French fabric shops (I only found one or two with very poor choices on the internet), I even started writing a blog post on that topic, which I might publish one day.
In the end, the best selection of merino jerseys was to be found in Scandinavia, and I ended up ordering 3 pieces, in grey, burgundy and black from Myllymuksut, in Finland.

When the fabric arrived, I was so excited, the fabric is sooo soft and thick enough, I loved sewing it mostly because I could keep touching it all the time.

I started with the grey: sewing a simple turtleneck t-shirt based on my turtleneck dress pattern. I extended the sleeves to create thumb holes, just simply copied from my sports t-shirts. It is completely sewn with a sewing machine, but I received my new serger in the meantime.

At this time my boyfriend walked by my sewing area and touched the fabric and immediately requested a t-shirt for himself as well. At this point, I had like 10 days to go before our Iceland departure, so there was no way, I could order some new fabric.
I ended up using the black version for his t-shirt.

Without any right pattern, I just copied a t-shirt of his. I almost did not have enough of fabric, so no turtleneck for him. However, I managed to sew in the thumb holes, which he totally loved during our Iceland stay, as his other RTW t-shirts did not have any. I must say that since my boyfriend spends his vacations taking thousands of pictures, the long sleeves enabled him not to put on gloves every time he got out of the car to take THE super photo.

As for me, I ended up sewing one more t-shirt, commonly called, the Star Trek one. I actually used McCalls 7261 and did some colour blocking with the burgundy and black.

The fit of this shirt is very cool even though I adjusted the raglan shoulder area (I always have to), the neck shawl is just an amazing idea: you end up having quite a lot of fabric around your neck, therefore it keeps you warm, but without feeling choked. And again, the thumbholes..

I did not realize how Star-treky it was going to be, until I finished it :) In the end, I like it a lot as well and surprisingly, I keep reaching out for it quite often when going for a run early in the morning, as the winter seems to be still going on here, despite the end of March. It is sooo warm, that I am never cold, even in the first minutes of my morning run. Pure happiness!

Hopefully, it will resist a few washing cycles, as we plan to come back to Iceland... some time in the brighter future.

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