Monday, 13 April 2020

A Never-Ending Story

This jacket took me forever. And honestly, I still do not understand why I have this procrastination tendency with jackets, because
a) they really do not take so much longer that lined dresses, if my hour statistic is to be believed
b) I have finally learned the right technique on both, sewing in the lining and making nice sleeve heads
c) I wear jackets to work as much as I do dresses, so I should definitely keep sewing them.

This time I wanted a "casual blazer", so I chose a pattern sewn by Burda in a thick jersey and I bought some grey flowery ponte for it too. Good points for following the fabric recommendations for once! It is 101 from Burda 01/2019, it has a nice, quite different lapels, but you still get welt pockets, so it is somehow a combination of class and casual.

I cut it out during the x-mas break, interfaced all the pieces for stability, managed to sew the welts and add the sleeves. Then, January took over and it remained on my mannequin for quite some time, waiting for the sleeve heads to be finished and obviously, the lining to be added.

At some point of time, I was fed up with the UFO and got to work again. I finished the sleeve heads, shoulder pads and then, in like one day, I basically finished the jacket.

What probably helped, is the fact that I announced my week-end goal to my work colleagues and the idea of wearing the jacket on Monday kept me motivated.

Obviously, the jacket is fully lined because I really do not see any reason why not to: first, it is much easier to put it on, second, you can do the HongKong seams you want, it will never be as nice finish, as a full lining and third, lining adds stability, which is kind of expected from a blazer.

So here we go, the blazer is done and worn and I am more than happy with it. It is such a neutral and at the same time, not a boring one.

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