Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Home Dec Projects

So this is my baby - a totally black 7-year old cat. A big sewing helper and fabric weight.

As every cat, she had her cat tree, bought almost 6 years ago which started to look really used (no idea what happened in the last year, but the cat just destroyed most of the sisal remaining) and also, it did not fit into our living room. Basically, it was time to replace it by something more appropriate. After much discussions, we decided to buy a real piece of furniture and a separate scratching post, because strangely my cat does not jump much and does not like high-positioned places.

The scratching post works well, but I promised my baby to make her another place to rest. I have already bought a cat box, but impossible to find a new one in the right dimensions. Our furniture is no Ikea and so the dimensions are not "standard". After some desperation, I decided to make it myself.

First, the basic structure was constructed with some Amazon-box cardboard. The cat tried it but was not impressed.
Then, I sewed a black fabric cover (outside, as well as inside). The outside one is of the right size, so it looks good, the inside one is slightly bigger, and more importantly not fixed inside, but that is inside and it should be OK.

For the inside cushion, I bought some black plush, but did not have the courage to sew the cushion.

Another project for home decoration is a cover for my new serger. Again, I did not use any pattern, I just measured the serger, added a few centimeters and drawed it directly to the fabric. I bought black canva to have some resistance, added some padding and used an orange remnant for the lining.

I am not a big fan of sewing this kind of things, but I am happy it is done now.

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