Sunday, 19 April 2020

Another Out-of-Season Dress

In the serie of clothes sewn before the lockdown, and as a consequence not worn and probably not to be worn this spring, there is a new viscose dress. I actually wanted something very similar to this dress, sewn in the beginning of my "sewing career". 
The silk crepe was so soft against my skin and I was able to wear it for almost 9 months in the year - basically from September to May. Also, the little white and red flowers on the black background was just a great basics in my wardrobe. 

Unfortunately, the fabric did not resist the very often washing and also, the dress is no longer the silhouette I prefer.

However, I can still recreate a similar dress in a different silhouette. Unfortunately, I have not found a similar silk crepe, but I found a similar pattern in the viscose fibrane, so I had to do with that.

The pattern is Burda 117 from 12/2019. I was offered the Burda subscription this year, so I would like to/should sew more from Burda issues I have at home. Strangely, while I really like the fact that a new Burda arrives every month in my letterbox, I keep having troubles to get excited and sew immediately from the new issues. However, my experience has shown that I often come back to the past Burda issues, so for the moment, I am keeping them and hoping that I will use them one day.

So back to my new dress - it is lined, as usual, and I really like the lines of this dress, the fitted bodice and the blousy sleeves. 

I am keeping my dress in the wardrobe hoping to take it out one autumn day (the spring has almost evolved in summer in Paris right now).

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