Sunday, 21 February 2021

Drops cardigan

This post is super overdue, I just checked my tracking spreadsheet and it says this thing was finished in May 2020. Oh well..

I have dreamed about a casual black/not-so-black cardigan for some time. So when I found this drops cotton jacquard, I had to buy it. I was motivated enough to get it sewn rather quickly but I was looking for the right pattern.

The thing is, most cardigan pattern are not meant for really drapey fabrics and Burda is not a big cardigan source. Check StyleArc or some indies, which I basically never sew, and you will find many of them. But not the right one for my fabric.
After some ponderation, I decided to go for this Burda pattern: 119-08/2018 - it looks really cute on the model and is quite original.

Pattern downloaded, printed, fabric cut out, it all took only a few hours. The problem is that I was not happy with how it looked on me. Once I saw it on myself, I realized my mistake: the model is a slim tall person on which almost anything looks cute. Not my case, right? It added volume on the shoulders and around the top of my body which I did not like at all. I tried to slim it down on the sides but it only accentuated the volume on the upper part.

On side it went, I just did not want to lose the amazing fabric so I started thinking about how I could salvage it.
After some thinking about the Bianca wrap, I finally decided to copy an RTW cardigan of mine. Fortunately, I still had some fabric to cut out the sleeves, the body was cut out from the original version.

I am now much more happy with the result, it really looks good and fits my style much more.

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