Friday, 29 January 2021

2021 Year Plan

We are almost at the end of January and I have still not published my 2021 resolutions, so quickly catching up before it is too late and before we finally get some pictures done and I can  publish my 2020 makes. I have quite a huge backlog now, so even though I have not sewn almost anything in January, I can still blog easily for 2 months ahead.

My main objective for 2021 would be a stash reduction of 10m, as usual, and an attempt on sewing even more from my stash. I spent quite some money on sewing supplies and patterns in 2020, including a revision of my sewing machine and a new serger, excused by the pandemic, lockdown etc, however, I currently have a lot of things in my wardrobe and definitely do not wear them as much as I would like to so there is not much point on sewing many things in general. I can already feel it on my January motivation, as I spent my free time on reading and learning new stuff much more than sewing. 

Another big objective is to use scraps. I have a big box of scraps, plus another one with refashion/recycle items. While there is a reason for that and I occasionally reach in them, they keep growing and the 2 boxes will soon not be enough. So the aim here would be to try to use up the scraps for useful stuff. 

A few ideas so far:

- make-up removals (already done)

- yoga colour-blocked clothes or underwear for jersey scraps

- jewellery 

And I might also have a try on some crazy patchwork.

As for the projects, I am not planning anything in particular, I have quite a few fabrics which are earmarked for specific projects (in my mind), so if I get to make these, it would be enough:

- liberty flower leisure dress

- silk casual jacket

- Greenstyle moxi shorts in multiple colours

- black spring coat

- grey ponte 2-piece

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