Wednesday, 13 January 2021

2020 Hits and Misses

My usual recap for 2020:

As for the hits, it was rather difficult to choose only 5, because when looking at the year, I quickly adjusted my sewing to the new normal and focused on what I would wear immediately. But here are the ones who made it to the top5.

1. Turtleneck dresses - a big hit: here. Worked pre-pandemic, works during the pandemic as well. Such.A.Great.Staple. Also, I used this pattern for so much more than just 2 dresses, for turtlenecks, as well as normal dresses.

2. Merino anything - our Iceland tops, my black sweater. I still have some in my stash, so hopefully will continue sewing with it. It has an amazing drape and is so soft and nice. The real home luxury.

3. The spring coat - while I had no plan to sew a spring coat in these colours, I found the fabric, mostly by chance and chose the pattern from some old Burda. It was the first lockdown project, it kept me occupied and I basically wore it anytime I was going out in autumn.

4. Viscose summer dress - using only a scrap of fabric, I created and amazingly comfy and nice dress. Wore it the whole summer at home and outside.

5. Black fleck dress - in spite of some pooling around the neck, this dress is a secret pyjama looking like a very classy outfit. Soft on the inside, it gets worn at least once per week.

As for the misses, I do not have so many this year which is a good sign.

1. Ochre tencel dress - never worn, honestly, I am not a fan of the fabric touch and the colour is just way to much. Maybe if it was just a top, I could pair it with some dark bottom and it could work. Otherwise, it is just too much of ochre for my liking.

2. The Klimt dress - again, the fabric is not the best choice. I made the mistake of buying a quilting cotton for a dress, which is rarely a good idea. It is too stiff and not comfy enough, especially in 2020. It got worn maybe twice last summer.

3. The black jumpsuit - this was a resolution for 2020 and I thought that having the pattern, the fabric and finally the time to do it, there was no reason not to do it. It got sewn, I learned new things, but even though a jumpsuit could be cool to wear at home, I do not reach for it. First, there is the toilet issue, second, it does not have sleeves which means that I would either be too cold or would worry of getting a sunburn on my shoulders. So it is a version which could work in summer in the office, maybe.

4. Flight attendant dress - I was happy that I found a project for this fabric and I like the collar very much. But it got sewn in autumn and I was not in the office since. 

So that's it, quite a successful year. In total I have sewn:

71 pieces + 131 masks (not counting the ones made for my town)

Out of which: 31 pieces for others!!! That was a big surprise, there are mostly kids clothes, 2 pieces for my BF and a few gifts. 

It also includes 5 non-clothing items, quite a big number as well, actually

As for the used patterns:

35 Burdas (a half!!!, but expected)

9 Ottobre and 5 LaMasionVictor - kid's clothes

3 Knipmode, 3 Closet Core Patterns

1 Butterick, 4 McCall's

1 AppleGreen, 1 Moneta, 1 NewLook

And a few which were just my own mash-ups or following some tutoriels

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