Sunday, 3 January 2021

Baby X-mas

To progress on my overdue posts about x-mas gifts sewn, here is a little batch of baby clothes for a little 4-month guy. 

Due to the second covid wave I had some real bad luck in fabric shopping. I ordered some cotton velvet for me and for the baby and little pieces of cotton jersey at the beginning of December thinking I was way ahead of time. Unfortunately, the cotton jerseys (with very cute cars on it) were out of stock which I only learned mid December. The velvet was another story: it was dispatched from the German warehouse but due to the German lockdown, DHL no longer delivered to France. Fortunately, their customer service proposed to send the same fabrics from their Danish warehouse which I agreed to and the packet finally arrived on 23rd December!!!

Because of all this, I had to change my plans and pick up a cute animal jersey I had bought earlier in the year and not used up yet. I only had about half a meter, so I squeezed in a small body and a full body overall and had almost no scraps left. The body is my favourite Burda pattern and the overall came from this year Burda as well - with footies added.

As for the velvet, I wanted to sew a larger overall from it (Ottobre 2020), so when the fabric arrived, I quickly washed it up, tumble dried and started sewing as well. The fabric behaved really well, fortunately, because otherwise, I would have probably given up.

I finished my sewing on the 24th in the morning, adding press buttons only in the afternoon (I must say I really hate that, I always fix some on incorrectly and I was under time stress so not fully concentrated either). In the end, everything was finished and packed god 3 hours before we left for X-mas Eve, so all is good.

I also added a few bibs as well, as the last time, the parents were crying for not having enough bibs.

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