Sunday, 28 February 2021

Velvet Dress n°1

Aka the green one, or the x-mas one. I actually wore it on New Year's Eve, but whatever, you got the idea.

I had order some velvet fabric at the end of the last year, one was a mix with viscose and this one 100% cotton. The cotton is much heavier than the viscose, but as soft, so great for some season-appropriate dress.

I had this pattern from Burda 118 from March 2020 in mind earmarked, so I figured this could be a good idea. Hmm, in the end not so much, as the fabric is way too heavy for that and there is just too much fabric for that on your waist, but it is a great and comfy dress and I loved wearing it on New Year's Eve. Btw, my BF is a big fan :)

The pattern is really great, the cleavage is somehow deep, but closed enough so when you stay standing, there is absolutely no way flashing anything. I think that is pretty darn good. Even relaxing on the couch, it does not open so much, so it is really well designed. In any case, I could always put in 2-3 safety stitches if needed.

You might have seen that the sleeves are not hemmed, actually, I must have cut them out too short, so they were just right not hemmed - this is a cotton jersey, it does not frau so I just let it go.

The dress creates a great silhouette of course, and I really managed to have waist sitting on the waist, which definitely helps, thank you Burda for being consistent with your sizes, as I can just blindly do a few standard adjustments and have a dress ready.

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