Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016 Hits and Misses

Reflecting the past year is always strange but I feel that it helps you to realize what you have actually achieved and not only what did not work.
So here comes my list of 5 tops and 5 lessons learned.
Let's start with the positive ones:

1. Remnant's Dress
This got so much wore and the fabric still holds up which makes me so happy I do not need to sew up a replacement

2. Flowery silk dress
Because I just looove the fabric and the fit and the fact that you barely feel it on yourself which makes it the perfect hot summer dress which even fits into my work wardrobe

3. Another dress... I know
But this one was a surprise, as I was not sure about the colour palette at all. It is the favourite one of Mr. so that counts as well :o)

4. My black mini-skirt
Just a basic but extremely comfortable and OK even for cold weather

5. My new home-wear
Because of the colour and the fun fabric and the fact that I motivated myself to sew something for every evening. I even added some more pieces to the set (more to come on the blog). These are also items which will get the most wear of all

As for the lessons learned, some did not even get to the blog, I just kept a picture so will try to document why that particular item did not work as intended.

1. Orange polka-dot top
I took time to take pictures and everything but I do not think it got really worn, something about the fit is quite wrong but I cannot figure out what...

2. Green cotton-silk top
This was meant to be a wearable muslin of a pattern I pinned to my wishlist long time ago. The muslin proved that the pattern is not for me. At all. Pity for this fabric though.

3. and 4. two tops with poor fabric choices
One was based on the success n°2 dress but in a much sturdier fabric, in addition too narrow over the hips. The other was a creme silk top which just happened to be to transparent in the end -> binned immediately.

5. False wrap dress
Which I sewed in black AND orange silk. The black one was my 2015 X-mas dress, the orange never got worn and I ended up recycling the fabric. Somehow the fit is off. It is slightly masked on the black version, but was too obvious on the orange one. You would say you cannot go too wrong on a flowy wrap dress but believe me, you can. The wraps still seem to be something I cannot figure out, as each and every attempt is rather a fiasco. Which is a pity because I consider them quite flattering.

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