Sunday, 15 January 2017

One Thousand and Two Nights

Just because one pair of shorts and one pair of trousers with two tops are not enough, and most importantly because I still had some fabric left, I decided to complete my home-wear collection.

As already said, I had three different but perfectly matching silk fabrics, completed with orange silk-cotton and I figured out nothing better would get sewn from the remnants than some other home-wear.
I need to say that the most orange fabric had already been used for a dress which is basically a copy of this one. However, even on the second try I did not get the fit right (wrap is slowly becoming my nightmare as I fail each and every time) and on the orange all errors were much more visible than on the black one, therefore no real-person pictures, only dress form ones.

It was kind of a pity as the fabric is nice and very comfortable and the sewing was nice and clean.

So I decided to recycle the dress into another pair of shorts for the home-wear collection. Using the same pattern as last time, I just put in elastic instead of a tie band and that's it.

To complete the batch, I used the rest of the orange cotton-silk to sew another Anna-based top.

And the chiffon pieces became little summer tops based on Burda 123-12/2014

The tops are sewn from quite small remnants of the silk chiffon, being careful with the pattern directions. As usual, all underlined with brown silk-cotton.
The colours and pattern being rather busy, I ommitted all other decorations suggested by the pattern and am quite happy with them as such.

I really like that none of the pieces are the same and yet, they match perfectly with each other.

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