Sunday, 22 January 2017

Hello To Summer

When doing my yearly sum up I actually found pictures of this dress on my computer which never got to the blog and yet, I think it was quite a success. So here we go...

The dress is Burda 101B from April 2016. This number was just full of treasures, I must have sewn several pieces from it this year so I am totally getting my money worth of it. The Burda dress is a maxi which I am never sure of wearing: being on the short side (158cm), large maxi dress just seems a bad idea. I might be wrong as I see a lot of them on Japanese sewers but for me it just feels wrong. Also, the dress is supposed to be pretty large and I did not have so much fabric.

I call the fabric balloon viscose even though the motive is not quite balloon-y. Contrary to what I usually buy, it is a fine viscose with a very soft feel. Probably this dress would also be nice in some kind of silk chiffon, but the viscose weight keeps it properly in place which is not a bad idea at all.

I had already sewn with viscose in my early days and it often ended up in a disaster: gaping, stretching out etc. So for this dress I knew I had to be very careful and interface the maximum.

Actually, I used sewn-in interfacing on the whole top of the dress for several reasons:
- avoid any possible gaping on the cleavage (it is quite deep anyhow, so I wanted to make sure it remains in place)
- support the weight of the skirt part, as there is a lot of it - I even decreased the skirt volume little bit and remember, I shortened it, but still, that's a lot of fabric there

As you can see I did not bother with pattern matching, anyhow, the fabric is too busy and the folding in front of the dress would not allow me to do it properly. I only made sure the colours continued in the same way on the whole dress.

Not quite sure how this colour goes with my pale skin, but it is probably just a particular issue of this picture. I think it is a very cute and flowy summer dress which is extremely comfortably during the very hot days. Unfortunately, as our 2016 big vacation was a road trip, this beauty got out only a few times (it is quite inappropriate to wear to work), but hopefully I will be able to wear it more next year.

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