Sunday, 26 May 2019

Kate Spring Coat

And just because I can , I sewed another coat. I really took pleasure in sewing my previous coats, even though I still have many things to learn. But I no longer fear sewing coats and also, it no longer feels like a big hurdle or time investment.

Of course, black spring coat is just a basic of my wardrobe and it became urgent to make one. I had a cute Benetton 60's coat for a few years now, which showed way too many signs of its age and I knew I would probably not wear it any longer this year.

Originally, I wanted to buy specific fabric for it, but then I realized I had this stretchy black gabardine in stock (originally bought for a pair of black pants which are not going to happen any time sooner), so I decided to use that. The fabric is probably too stretchy for a coat, lesson learned, and interfacing did not 100% help either. Anyway, it still makes a wearable coat and a great lesson for next year.

As I am a big fan of Kate Middleton wardrobe, I got again inspired by one of her coats. I used Burda 6772, and I actually mixed both version. I used the narrower "skirt", but flaps and round collar.

As my previous coat felt too large, I tried to make this one narrower and I think I overdid it in the waist area. This, together with the stretchy fabric, resulted in some drag lines around the waist. I will know better next time. It is way better when not closed, which is fine for me, I will mostly wear it open anyhow.

I went all crazy with the lining, I used some flowery silk, and also put in some orange piping. That is a detail which makes me smile anytime I put my coat on, so totally worth it.
Another mistake I did - the lining is way to wide. On my first jacket/coat attempts, the lining was dragging the main fabric, so I am a little obsessed by having enough lining ease. And this time, I just overdid it. This one is easy to fix though, so I might just open the coat and adjust it.

Despite all the little issues, I am very happy with this coat and wear it almost every day now.