Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The Different Trench Coat

I have always thought that a trenchcoat is such a great wardrobe basics, however, I have never really liked them on myself.

Until I have seen this Burda coat 103-02/2017 on another sewing blog. And I also realized that I had the right Burda issue already. So after having sewn my winter coat, I set out to make a spring one.

Of course, I muslined the pattern, and adjusted it based on the winter coat. I must say that most versions of this coat I have seen on the blogosphere were sewn from light fabrics, linens etc, while I have bought a quite stiff cotton twill in a wonderful grey shade.

Therefore, the coat has little bit of volume which was not so obvious on my muslin, even though I tried to transform the folds to darts on the bodice. This is probably the only thing I would change on the pattern if I sewed it again. Apart from that, I really love this coat (and wear it quite a lot currently).

I used black silk for the lining and just for the little pleasure, I added a rose piping with little grey freckles. This detail makes me smile every time I see it.

The coat has big pockets, a necessity for me, I totally love the buttons on the waist.

I have to say that the coat is a big success, it gets worn all the time and works with a lot of my wardrobe items. It fits right and was real fun to sew. I cannot understand why I was so afraid of sewing coats before; this was my 2nd coat (and I have sewn a 3rd one in the meantime) and I had real pleasure sewing it.

So here is to the next coat!

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