Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Blue Guest Dress II.

I did not have much time ahead and most of all wanted to avoid another flop. So let’s go with the known.
I bought 3m of dark blue silk muslin which was slightly transparent, so it was pretty clear a double layer would be necessary and decided to re-use the Butterick 6016. I have successfully tested it and thought that with the appropriate accessories, this would work.
Since I would need little bit of fabric for a purse, I cut out the skirt in double, the bodice lining is in black cotton-silk sateen. It also helps to maintain the form more than the muslin itself.
 The sewing went quite smoothly, I did not use any interfacing fearing it would be visible on the inside. I only used organza strips to maintain the fabric around the zip and a bias strip to maintain the waist.
The skirt is baby-hemmed… 
actually no, the baby hemming is not completed: when testing it I realized it made the hem rather stiff, so I only folded the fabric once. Fortunately, the muslin almost does not fray, so this should work without problems. 
The dress will be accessorized with a red bow belt (and red shoes).
Et voilà, my first silk dress completed.

And in action! Unfortunately, it was quite cold that day, so I was wearing a black jacket over it.

Inspiration: matching my new hat
Pattern: Butterick 6016
Pattern changes: the same as on the wearable muslin
Fabric: dark blue silk muslin
Notions: probably none :o)
Time to Complete: 1 week
Total Cost: 49 EUR
First Worn: my cousin's marriage

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