Friday, 25 July 2014

Some Practical Sewing: Black Wool Skirt

As mentioned on my Me-Made-May article, I am missing some basics, so I wanted to remedy this gap.
 A two-evening black skirt.

Black wool, Burda 120-02/2014 and two evenings and my black skirt was done. (I could have finished on the first evening but was quite tired from the preceding week-end). As I already knew the pattern, sewing it was quick and smooth. No adjusting needed. 

I even insterted lace border, for the pleasure of having it.

Inspiration: none
Pattern: Burda 120-02/2014
Pattern changes: none
Fabric: black wool + black rayon as lining
Notions: none
Time to Complete: 2 days
Total Cost: 13 EUR
First Worn: July 2014

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