Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer plans

I am leaving on vacation in exactly one month and am realizing I still have too many summer sewing plans to do. Please note I will not spend my vacation at home and will be far away from any sewing machine.

On my four-weeks agenda I have:
1. Finish my Butterick 6018

2. Another pair of shorts from grey linen

3. Sew a few tops

4. Black-orange dress I am planning since.. April, probably (I have the fabric and the pattern reserved for this in my stock)

5. English embroidery white dress… it would just be a dream if I found the time to do it.. I fished out the fabric during the sales in my fabric market in a battle. Not only the initial price was quiet low, but it was 50% off. Then I went to the shops and found out English embroidery is actually in this year.

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