Sunday, 20 September 2020

Baby Sewing Again

Another little boy in the family and this time I was ready early, actually even before he was born. I wanted to have some real fun, so I bough a little piece of an extremely cute cotton jersey from Stoff&Stil and then played with to create a collection. I sewed everything in size 3-4 months, so it really did not use up much of the fabric for each piece and I could sew a lot of them :)

First come the bodies - of course - both of them Burda 130-11/2014, I just cut the sleeves on one of them. The little decoration is actually a functional pocket. I must say that I prefer this body pattern to the one with snaps on the shoulder, mostly because you install less snaps, but for the parents it might be less easy to put on. We will see.

Then we have leggings, one in the great mustard forest jersey, the other one in a remnant of grey jersey I had in my stash. These were extremely quick to sew and they look very cute! Burda pattern 137-05/2015.

Since the little guy will be 3 months when the weather becomes autumny, I added a jacket to the lot, Burda Baby 07-01/2020. This pattern is reversible, but since I decided to line it with black jersey, I am not sure it will really be worn in the black version.

So that is for the clothes, but I still had some fabric remaining, soooooo... 2 little beanies based on tutorials found on the internet.

2 bibs - bandanas, again, some free patterns.

Bunny ears teether 

Aaaaaand... Montessori ball. 

I think this took the most of time and was the most complicated of all :)

First, the pattern is recommended for wovens, so I had to interface all the pieces (and there are a lot of them). Second, as said, there are a lot of pieces. Basically you sew 12 stuffed triangles and then gradually attach them together. I tried to make sure that they were really well attached and that there are no threads coming out, so it really took a lot of time.

However, the result is extremely good, if I say so. And I was really wondering if the Montessori ball is really more of a puzzle for the sewing that for the end recipient :)

Btw, I used this amazing and super clear tutorial.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Bamboo Dress

While 2020 is a very funny year, I am really happy that I did not stop sewing and that it enables me to

1. have something fun to do while staying at home

2. have new clothes adapted to my new lifestyle without going shopping

I have also managed to sew things I would not usually do in general, I ventured more to the jersey territory and I am learning new stuff. 

When ordering fabric once last year, I added a piece of bamboo jersey to my cart, basically for two reasons, I liked the shade of green and I wanted to see what bamboo fabric is like. While I live quite close to a great selection of fabrics (Marché St Pierre in Paris), they rarely have an even moderate choice of jerseys and finding the "new" fabrics like bamboo or tencel is almost impossible there.

I was quite surprised by the texture, because I really do not like the feel of viscose jerseys, I find them very plastic-y and I completely stopped buying them which is a pity as many of fun colours are only available in viscose. Bamboo, on the other side felt nice and comfy. Also, the fabric has quite some weight and drape which is a nice surprise, but at the same time was a challenge on the model to sew from it. 

In the end, I chose a very simple pattern (Burda 113-03/2009), for once, I dared not to sew a test model and just made my standard Burda adjustments hoping the jersey would be forgiving.

The final result is exactly what I expected. It is a nice casual dress, extremely comfy, but still rather cool. I wear it mostly at home, but have no difficulties in going out while wearing it. The fabric is really soft against he skin and yet, quite cool even in hot weather. 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Yet Another Moneta

The Moneta dress was one of the first jersey dresses I have sewn. Nice pattern, cute neckline, however, not a style I would wear every day. 
I did sew two of them and just stopped at that because how many of the casual dresses do you really need?

Well, definitely more than ever if you work 100% from home. The strict lockdown is now finished, I currently spend only about half of my time in the office, and who knows what will happen in autumn. So another Moneta is definitely welcomed. I actually sewed this dress in the middle of the lockdown when the weather was just right for wearing it and I definitely wore it a few times then. It is way too hot for it in the middle of summer but its time will come back again.

I do not think I have much to say about it apart from the fact that it is entirely constructed on my overlocker/coverlocker. I bought a new machine at the beginning of the year and honestly, am still struggling little bit with its settings. So sewing the entire dress was a little bit of a challenge and I was quite happy that I managed it.
Also, I do not have a dedicated space for sewing so I can only have one machine out. And changing the whole setting, putting away the sewing machine, getting out the serger with all its tools.... just way too complicated to happen very often.
However, this is going to change quite soon so I definitely hope to use my serger more often.

I added pockets, because.... well pockets... and I find that one of them is always getting opened. And honestly, I have no idea how to correct this. I played little bit with the seams and the machine but without any major results.

All in all, this is a cute dress. I really love the fabric, it is a very soft cotton jersey and it is elegant and comfy at the same time. Next lockdown, I am ready :)

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Summer for Little Boys

I usually sew for little kids in winter time when we see the whole family at X-mas, however, this time, I got to make something for summer, for a change and what a pleasure!

The strong prevalence of little boys in the whole family is still continuing, so I am trying to get creative with what I have 😊. As usual, I wanted to create a complete outfit and this time I even did it for both boys together.

First to come - the linen trousers for the big boy (just over 3 years old) - Fanny trousers from this year La Maison Victor. I used a beige linen remnant - very old stash - and bought a piece of quilting cotton with little coloured buttons to complement it. I must say that I am extremely proud of this combination as the trousers just work with any other colour.

For his little brother, I made a pair of trousers based on the same pattern, but instead of side and back pockets, I created "side in-sewn patch" pockets. Both trousers have elastics in the waist and so should be very easy to pull on.

I still had a piece of the linen so I found a bucket hat free pattern and tried to cut out two of them (because I could not only make one, right). With a little piecing, I won the pattern puzzle game and so the boys have their bucket hats.

Last on the list were some tops. I started with a simple t-shirts, my TNT kids pattern from Ottobre 2019 in the right sizes. 

And since I still had some colored jersey left, I made two more with hoodies.
The small one is a hacked version of Ottobre 2019 hoodie I have already sewn in the past.

The big one is Burda 141-10/2013. I am quite happy I have this stock of old Burdas as it is just a big stock of treasures and basics.
No idea why I do not have the green hoodie t-shirt on this picture... And since everything has already been given to their mum, no chance to have it photographed again :)

Sunday, 5 July 2020

A Failed Fail

Last year, when I was sewing a lot with jerseys, I got inspired by Deer&Doe photo of their jersey dress in grey tones. It is a very simple dress, so it definitely did not justify buying the pattern (sorry, Deer&Doe), since I figured that I could easily use a basic jersey pattern and just cut the different panels. I used the same fabric as them, fine cotton jersey, however, I thought it was rather thin for a jersey dress.

Adjusting my pattern was easy peasy, I cut out the upper part in grey-green and the rest in pure grey. The sewing was quick and easy as well, actually a weekday evening project.

That's why I was rather disappointed by the end result. Even though I added little more wearing ease, I found the dress way too hip-hugging for my liking. This is probably because of the fabric, which is less stable than ponte. I put the dress aside thinking I would recycle it to make baby clothes some time.

And there it remained till the lockdown. I am not a pyjama person, so during the whole lockdown period I was wearing dresses at home. And of course, not the same ones as I would wear to work, but all my jersey dresses got worn during the 3 months of me working from home. At that point, I tried to put on this dress again and I figured it was just great for being worn at home, or for the occasional grocery shopping outside.

The funny thing is that it actually became one of the most worn before the weather got too warm to wear a long sleeves dress.
So I must say I am very happy that I kept the dress anyhow, it is comfy, cute and the cotton jersey is of great quality, it resists all washing and is very soft on my skin.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

The Dreamed Jeans Dress

This year I was offered the Burda subsrciption and somehow, it makes me less motivated to sew from the magazines I am receiving and I am somehow less inspired by the models. It really feels like this year, Burda focuses on the basics or extremely original models. We'll see how that goes for the rest of the year.

However, this dress in the March issue got marked almost immediately. I even liked the fabric, well, let's be clear, I wanted exactly this dress.
Then, the lockdown came in, I was sewing other stuff, till I came across a favourite Burda sewist who made it as well. Now, I decided to make it.

I started looking for the right fabric, either very light jeans or tencel and realized that tencel in the right colour is actually quite hard to get online. And the light jeans was almost the same. Actually, most of what I found were clear or very typical jeans colour fabrics. Me not wearing blue very much and not being used to wearing jeans, I wanted either a very dark blue or something little bit different. I ended up finding this blue/grey light jeans with some elasthane at This was in the middle of the French lockdown and most people over the internet were complaining of long delivery times with them. I ordered anyhow, because... well, I did not find better. To be honest, when ordering, the site announced 1 month expedition delay and did not lie, the order was sent out exactly after one month. Count 10 more days for delivery, because while in Germany DHL was rather quick, in France, it was handled by the post and the post service was extremely disappointing during the lockdown times.
Sooo, after much waiting, I could finally muslin and sew the dress. (well, you could say that I could have muslin it even before but I was making other stuff as well).
I did my petite adjustments and took away little bit of volume in the sleeves. I also slightly narrowed the decorative ruffles - I actually found out that "decorations", pockets and other details are always the same size, which does not make sense, it is often way too big for me (being on the bottom of the size chart) and it must be too little for the 42/44 sizes. So I am now rather careful and adjust this kind of things by easily 0,5-1cm.

As for the inside, I frenched the big seams and bound the rest. I even used the facing, a rare case for me.

Here, I must admit that I did a huge mistake when cutting the dress. I forgot that the front of the dress needs to be cut in 2 pieces to account for the zip. I pondered about cutting it anyhow but losing even 2cm around the bust and waist would probably be too much. Then I saw an idea of sewing a lapped zipped and decided to go for that. It was definitely not the easiest way, but the zipper is partially covered by the ruffles, so even though it is not perfect, it is OK and it works.

I did sew the fabric belt and I will definitely wear it with it as well, but I like the dress both ways!

Monday, 15 June 2020

The Klimt Dress

Once upon a time there was a collection of Klimt inspired fabrics sold in my favourite fabric shop. I had already seen them on the internet, but when I checked on them in real, I could not resist. At first, I wanted to buy the Kiss inspired one, but then managed to convince myself that while it is an extraordinary fabric, I would never ever sew anything wearable from it.

So in the end, I opted for a compromise, the grey fabric with little golden triangles. The fabric is a simple cotton, but the shade of grey is really cute and the golden freckles really change the final aspect of the fabric.

And then the fabric remained in my stash until this year's lockdown when I wanted a quick project of a dress without the need of fitting. By chance I have seen somebody on the Burda site having sewn the Burda 102-05/2019 and I remembered that I have already made this dress (and that I liked it a lot).

All planets were aligned and the project was super quick. I tried to "pattern match" as much as possible without overstressing, the dress is of course lined with a fine black silk, what else ad the success was almost guaranteed.

PS: we had to change a place for taking pictures this time, and honestly, the light was not so good, next time we will hopefully get back to our usual place