Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Little Lady Clothes - Post-X-mas II.

And to round up the whole batch of kid's clothes I sewed between end of December and January, here is the last batch.

This time, I went back to the TNT Burda 9330 which I have already sewn in trousers, as well as dress versions, just in smaller sizes. I used a remnant of a dark blue linen which makes the dress look like jeans, but hopefully will be more comfy for the little lady. For lining, I found a remnant blue/white cotton.

The dress is very simple to sew but the result is just awesome. The lining enables for a great finish, you have a large pocket and no exceptional fitting is required.
I even found two buttons in my stash, just of a perfect colour and size. Yay for button stash busting (I received my grandma and my mum button stash last year, so even though it does not take up much space, I now have A LOT OF BUTTONS.

I really like sewing for kids in terms of outfits - as I do not always know what the wardrobe of the kids looks like, I prefer sewing matching pieces. And so I did this time, as well.

I had a little remnant of this blue/brown/gold viscose. While it is a viscose, it looks like sweater, so I made it a little cardigan to go with the blue dress. I even found just the perfect brass press buttons (bought together with some jeans rivets last year).

And to top it up, I saw an extremely cute pattern for a kids handbag in a form of a little bear. So, there we go, some appliqués, some embroidery later, we have a bear lined handbag.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Little Lady Clothes - Post-X-mas I.

So it seems that on the little dress I sewed for x-mas, the waist opening was not large enough. The little lady could wriggle in, but try to convince a 2-year old to wriggle in a dress, hehehe. It was fine and large enough when closed, so I took it and redid the opening so that it is easier for the parents to dress her. On the other side, the little sweater had quite some success. Both parents said that it was rather practical and much easier to close a zip than a serie of buttons.

So while I was somehow between projects between December and January, I did not want to go forwards with my jacket and did not want to start a big new project while waiting for my serger to arrive. So I procrastinated on some kids sewing.

First, I sewed another sweater, this time in grey interlock. I actually had the same fabric in two colours, anthracite and olive green, but on the reverse side, they both were just the same shade of light green. Perfect for using up both of them. This time, I omitted the frills because the interlock was too thick for that and I hemmed the hood and the sleeves with some blue jersey. Hopefully, this sweater will work as much as the bordeaux one.

In addition to that there is a little jersey dress. I actually bought a little piece of this yellow raie fabric for sewing of a pair of trunks for Monsieur. But when the fabric arrived, it was way too much yellow that I thought and therefore, I decided to change plans and sew a dress for the little lady (who is a blondie, btw).

I wanted a simple dress, but could not find a suitable pattern (incredible knowing how many Burda/LMV patterns I own, but it was either not the right fit or not the right size.
In the end, I mixed LMV Daisy dress and a t-shirt from Ottobre.
I really like the keyhole opening in the back and that little rushing in the front. Also, it is strange how in the kids sizes you just jump from 2 years to 3 years immediately. So there is definitely a significant difference between the two, but it really seems like there is nothing in between. (which btw seems to be the same case in RTW).
Since the little lady just turned 2, I somehow traced out a 2,5 years size :) Oh, the joy of sewing and deciding.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Baby X-mas Sewing - The Little Girl

This is the last batch of kid's sewing I did just before x-mas.

Of course, sewing for little girls is just fun, I can play with colours, buttons and all the frills I would not put on my own clothes. It is also challenging, because my rule on kids' sewing is not to buy any new fabric and only use scraps or fabrics I bought and do not like any more for myself. (actually, one of the reasons I sew for kids is to use up the scraps and balance my stash in general). And therefore, I need to find a way how to use my "adult" fabric to make cute clothes for kids.

Also, it all goes so quickly and is so nice, so why not do some more.

This year was definitely a year of sweats and hoodies and the little girl could not be an exception. In the one and only Ottobre Kids I own, they actually had the same sweater pattern in both, boy and girl version. The girl version does not have pockets, but has a large ruffle on the bottom and little ruffles on the shoulders. When sorting my scraps, I found I had a remnant of a French terry and a cotton jersey which were ALMOST the same colour, so I used the French terry as a base and the cotton jersey for the frills and the hoodie hem. Apart from the fact that I had enough fabric to cut out the sweater and used up more scraps, I think it was really a good choice because the ruffles are less voluminous.

And to go with the sweater, I made a little dress.

The pattern is a combination of two Burda dresses. It is made from a fine cotton-silk which I tried to reinforce on the bodice part. I used the bordeaux jersey for the neckline and found buttons which were of an almost the same colour. I really like when things work out so well.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Next Decade Sewing?

Ok, I should be more realistic here, but I like having new year's resolution and trying to stick up to them, so sewing cannot be an exception and here are my sewing related ones:

1. Stash reduction
As already mentioned, I would like to decrease my stash by 10m (and get to 80m at the end of 2020).

2. New sewing skills
So far, I have been sewing all my jersey items on the standard sewing machine. I think it is high time I bought my first serger/coverlock. I have already done some research, I just have to find the right shop and go for it.
Also, I really need to get my current machine serviced, as I do not like its noise right now.

Linked to this is my resolution to start sewing my sports clothes. I do quite a lot of sports (I run 3-4 times a week + some bike riding and a weekly squash session with my BF) and find it more and more difficult to find the sports clothes in the right size (Nike did some serious vanity sizing a few years ago, so no longer really fit now). I bought a few meters of sports fabric and 4 patterns back in November so I have to get to sewing them now.

3. Follow the wishlist
I would like to stick to my "to sew" list in general even though I do not plan much for my sewing. I do not do any "Sew 9"  challenges, but I have a "to-sew" wishlist which I try to follow, at least sometimes.
What is in there right now:
  • Black winter coat (Burda)
  • Black mid-season coat (Burda)
  • Pair of jeans (Closet case)
  • Black jumpsuit (McCall's)
Not to mention that I have all patterns and fabrics already bought for these.
All other items will be added afterwards, so no pressure here.

4. Burda challenge
I was offered Burda subscription this year, so I guess I will try to follow the Burda challenge and sew at least one pattern from each issue.

I also hope to sew some kid's clothes because these are primarily fun and a great way to use up the scraps. And the parents usually like them, so unless somebody asks me to stop, I will definitely continue.

Friday, 3 January 2020

2019 review - Top five misses

I am not sure that there were really a lot of negative things in my 2019 sewing. Honestly, I feel my skills are getting better, I pay more attention to fabric/pattern combination, I manage to adjust the sizes (mostly on Burda), so the real misses are becoming rare.

But I tried to pick the top 5 anyhow, just to highlight my lessons learned.

N°1: Violet structured dress - as much as I liked sewing it and as much as I like the pattern puzzle and as much as I love the fabric (viscose-linen blend in this gorgeous violet), I did not wear this dress at all. Well, I also sewed it rather late in summer, so I had less opportunity. I think it is not fitted enough and somehow does not do me much favour. But looking at the pictures, it is not so horrible. 

N°2 and N°3: jersey dresses sewn from uni cotton jersey, not blogged yet. Clearly, not a great combination, as both dresses are way too figure hugging and the fabric is way too thin (you can even see my ribs in them, so no good). Lesson learned here: do not buy uni cotton jersey, as the results are not great.

N°4: white paisley dress. This is clearly a fabric issue. I was so in love with this fabric when I bought it 5 years ago, that I had to sew something from it. But looking at the pictures, I definitely need a dark jacket with it to break up the pastiness. Worn once probably. It is a pity because I am really proud of my pattern matching here.

N°5: Black "Kate" coat - I think I seriously overfitted this coat, which in combination with a slightly stretchy cotton, makes for a few pull lines which bother me every day. They are less visible on the black fabric, so I still keep wearing this coat, but I already have a pattern/fabric combo chosen for its replacement.

It was rather difficult to find the real misses this year, as I wore successfully most of my makes.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 review - Top Five Hits

As it is the tradition (and as almost everybody in the blogosphere), here is my 2019 review.

In terms of sewing, it was a great year. Strangely, I now have a longer commute and also work longer hours, but I still managed to sew quite a lot. I sewed a big total of 56 items (kid's clothes and a cat box included). There was an interesting mix of jersey and non-jersey items, which means more or less difficult items.

As for the patterns, I sewed a lot of Burda (28 pieces), as usual, but also some La Maison Victor (8 pieces). I was offered the subscription of Knipmode/FashionStyle for the whole year, but only sewed 1 pattern from it. However, I stikk like a few patterns, so hopefully, will get something more sewn. There are also 7 pieces from Ottobre which is mostly due to the kid's sewing and most of them come from only kid's issue.

Of course, I kept buying a lot of fabric, but I also used up a lot. My aim was to decrease the stash from 100m to 90m and I am happy to announce that I almost managed that  arriving at 90,15m on 31st December and I am not going to cheat by cutting up a new project just today :). I sewed up over 74m and bought 65.
I will probably keep the same aim for next year because it is doable without feeling restricted and I know that a long term stash goal should be something between 60-70 m.

Also, I was quite proud to use up long term stash residents - the two flowery fabrics for Carolyn pyjamas, some little remnants for the kid's clothes, tops or winter shorts. It is still important for me to use up the little pieces, but with a little effort, I can continue.

As for the top five hits, I must say it is really difficult to choose, because obviously I must have sewn quite successful pieces:
N°1: LMV Bella Dress (both, my black and red version)

N°2: the Green Coat - this is a piece I really did not need at all, but I loved the fabric and I love the coat

N°3: the Bouclé jacket - even though I did not wear this jacket much, I love the result, the way how it is sewn and the fit

N°4: Turtleneck dresses (not yet blogged) - such a basic, but so useful. I finally managed the fit around the neck and the shoulders, so yay.

N°5: Black/White Silia dress - La Maison Victor again :) It has just the right proportions and honestly, I reach out for it quite often.

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Carolyn Pyjama - Second Version

Just because I can, I also sewed a second version of the Carolyn pyjama. (Actually, this was the first one, if we really talk chronological order.)

And as for my white version, I was able to use up a cute fabric from my stash for which I had no other idea. It is a yellow/red paisley cotton satin, bought years ago in Malaysia, incredibly soft and little bit shiny. Such a lovely fabric, but not very suitable for me in terms of colours.

So when the idea of sewing Carolyn pyjama hit me, I was really happy. I just forgot how this pattern is a fabric hog and I found out I did not have enough of this magic to sew long trousers, so I just winged it and sewed what I could. I still managed to squeeze a long-sleeve shirt and shorts.

The pattern is perfect, it fits me well, and in terms of piping there was much less hesitation. The red piping works really great.
Again, I used some buttons from stash which fit great with the fabric.

I must say that sewing the Carolyn pyjama is the right pleasure, the instructions are clear, I can now sew thew without the instructions on the side, the piping fits in greatly, and is just cute. Also, sewing with coton feels like heaven compared to most of my last sewing projects.