Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Black-Blue “Lace” Dress

This dress was my single make in March, even though I must have started other things. 

And surprisingly, it was not a very well planned project, I even used a piece of fabric bought in the beginning of my fabric stashing. I remember buying this fabric over the internet (before learning that buying fabric on internet is not the best idea, as the reality rarely corresponds to what I thought originally) and it was meant to be a jacket to accessorise my blue silk dress for the weddings I attended that year. 
However, sewing on the deadline, I barely had time to finish the dress and also had only a meter or so of the fabric. Not talking about the fact that it is little bit stretchy and would not be the best option for a jacket.

I somehow found this piece of fabric and figured out that a little mid-season dress would actually be cool. I used my true and tested pattern which is actually a copy of a RTW dress adjusted to my little frame and which I have already sewn here. Quick decision, quick project which got worn a few times already. 
The fabric is a blend of rather stiff cotton and lycra which means that it keeps perfectly its form while being quite comfortable.

My previous version was lined only on the bodice and I think it was a mistake. So this time, I lined the dress completely.

I was thinking about matching the pattern, but
  •        I did not have enough fabric to do that
  •        the pattern is so messy it does not matter much
  •        the colour difference is not enormous, so I can totally live with this

Just check my seam matching here….

And that is about it, I am happy I could take pics of it (merci Me-Made-May) and finally post it, which makes half of my MMM posting objective attained :o)

Inspiration: just wanted to finish a project
Pattern: RTW copy
Pattern changes: none
Technique: seam matching
Fabric: false lace in black-blue cotton
Time to Complete: 2 weeks

Total Cost: 28 EUR


  1. Beautiful dress! It fits you very well, and I love the fabric. Also (a little late): congratulations on your move! I hope you've settled in nicely. Did you also feel like the worst part of moving was over only when you unpacked your sewing machine and fabrics? ;)

  2. Thank you!!! We moved on Thursday and had a big WE off, so everything was pretty much unpacked after that. The thing is that I unpacked the fabric very quickly without keeping any sense in it: wool with silk, black with red, well it is on its place but still pretty much a mess... :o)