Monday, 16 May 2016

Me-Made-May: Week 2

On track! I managed to think about wearing me-mades every day, but once. Thursday was a special occasion day at work, so I opted for classics. I could have probably made an effort and choose something different but well, I will not cry for that one day.

The better news is that I wore me-mades also while travelling, thus the different photo shoot places. We have had a long week-end back at home, fortunately the weather was really nice and sunny and we could walk outside a lot.

Voilà for a little bit of a documentation:
Day 9: black silk top (cannot be seen due to the horrible photo quality)

Day 10: blue “lace” dress, took also pictures for the blog

Day 11: grey-squares dress

Day 12: no me-mades

Day 13: black wool dress, visiting Karlstejn

Day 14: grey wool dress, visiting Konopiste

Day 15: black-blue “remnant” dress

An what about the other challenge: I have already posted 2 blogs about finished projects and am close to finishing sewing a dress and a top. More to come hopefully.

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