Sunday, 8 May 2016

Me-Made-May 2016: 1st Week

The first week is going pretty well, I managed to wear me-mades every day I went out.

Day 1: top under a flowering cherry tree

Day 2: the no-leopard top

Day 3: the grey wool dress which is becoming shorter and shorter

Day 4: brown skirt

Day 5: black cotton-silk top. This top got so much wear last summer that it is starting to be kind of washed out. Fortunately, I had some more of this great fabric and already made a copy of it :o).

The only reason I went out this day was to buy new curtains and some big chunks of wood... please don't ask...

Day 6: stayed at home at made pictures for blog

Day 7: flower viscose top
Day 8 : stayed at home, so no picture...

Apart from that: 2 older projects photographed, 1 blogged. 3 new pieces muslined, 1 project cut out from fashion fabric and 1 hopefully to be finished by this evening.

The long four-day week-end definitely helped, even though I spent quite some time on small improvements, including shortening our new curtains, what a booooooring and long thing (I had 6 meters of white polyester organza to hem, you cannot imagine how "not funny" that was).

So yey, I am on the track :o)

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