Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me-Made-May 2016 Round-Up

The month of May is now finished and I am quite proud of the result of my MMM challenge.

1. wear me-mades everyday - I did follow for 3 weeks but loosened up the 4th week. The weather is pretty bad and I am constantly freezing, be it in the office or outside. I was ready to get out my cute summer dresses and ended up wearing almost my winter clothes.

2. Blog a new item every week: Done. I managed to show some new items, as well as photograph some of the old which means that I still have a few articles to write and my blogging activity will hopefully continue.

3. Sew 4 pieces this month. I am the most happy for this one because it gave me the motivation to sew:
- wool grey dress - this one still needs to be hemmed, but apart from that it is done
- khaki wrap blouse - a wearable muslin which proved that I should not be sewing it again :o)

- green lawn dress - what to add, just check it

- Sorbetto top - yes, I finally got to sew THE Sorbetto top, but more on that later.

I most certainly did not go the easy way, these were all new to me patterns, I muslined two of them and both the dresses are lined.

I figured out that having a fixed plan for the month actually makes me responsible. Just as at work: Make a plan. Follow a plan. Deliver.

This is basically the reason I am now making a plan for sewing in June:
The objective is to sew 3 items next month.
I have in mind the following:
- cream-white top (a big hole in my wardrobe) - I have the fabric, but will see for the pattern
- orange silk faux-wrap dress: Burda 127-03/2015
- a third item which will probably be a dress as well - I am still hesitating on the model to do : another Kay Unger dress V1432 or a Burda 101B-042016

Wish me luck here

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