Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mixed-Impressions Top

Another almost-black top from my series. But contrary to all the others, I still have quite mixed emotions about it.

First, the fabric: it is supposed to be silk I bought lat year in Malaysia, but it does not feel like that, even though it passed the burn test successfully. I have chosen this one from my black and orange collection as it was the most black.
Once I started sewing, I was afraid the result in black and polka-dots would look more like a pyjama. I was quite reassured by the final result, mostly when worn.

Then the pattern: Burda 107-03/2016, again a pattern from a recent Burda, so I am proud of sewing newly bought things. I was too lazy to muslin it and ... most importantly... to compare it to my basic pattern which means that it does not feel good in the shoulders. I would say the armscyes are just too narrow which is creating tension elsewhere. Oh well.
Apart from the placket, there is nothing extraordinary, it is of course sewn with French seams, with no special finish on the hems.

Anyhow, I have forced myself to finishing it, it allowed me to practise placket sewing which is alwasys a good thing. And I think I quite managed it.

Anyhow, it cost me 9 euros to try the placket on silks :o) I still need to force myself to wear it. Often, some things hang in my wardrobe till the first "courageous" time and then get worn quite often. So I probably just have to wear it the first time and see.

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