Thursday, 26 May 2016

Me Made May - Week 3

With a little delay...

Wearing me-mades:

I am missing Friday and the week-end when I stayed at home and only went running.

Finished 2 wearable muslins:
This blouse in khaki cotton-silk which is a great fabric and I am now regretting having used it. I was in love with the Burda pattern since ever. Probably because the Burda version is made from pink gingham... c'mon, pink gingham. I had planned to sew this blouse from a gorgeous cotton sinc ever. Fortunately, I was wise enough to try it on this model. This wearable muslin has proved that it is not a good idea for me.
Actually, it is not a first wrap blouse/dress I tried and failed. Should probably investigate this topic more, because I am am having serious problems with it.

The other wearable muslin is a green dress from Kay Unger, a total success, more on that later.

Blogging: according to the plan, 2 articles per week are here as a proof.

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